Trevor Noah sSo … the other day, as we were doing what many married couples do after a long day at work i.e lounging around aimlessly infront of the TV with our dinner on our laps, my husband leans over on the couch and thrusts his mobile phone in my face, saying ‘Heard of this guy?’

Onscreen was a youtube video that had just started play.

What followed was seven and half minutes of sheer delight, interspersed with gasps and screams, watered by tears of mirth that rained onto our chicken and rice.

It didn’t stop there. Desperate for more of this sudden manna and boon from heaven we scoured youtube for more fodder until we raised a white flag of surrender 45 minutes later when our ribs were aching too much to laugh anymore.

Without much further ado, let me introduce you to …. Trevor Noah … and his wacky look at life from an African perspective.

It also helps that he’s easy on the eye … ladies now, now!!

South African Trevor is on the up and up in the world of comedy and we thought it best to do you a community service and introduce you to him so you get a dose too of his mad humor (and don’t get caught out saying ‘Who?’).

What I love about him is that he’s using comedy to change ingrained stereotypes of Africa. As he says – ‘Africa is a place, not a colour. And it ain’t men walking around in leopard skins!’

(Note how every time he jumps onstage, even on The David Letterman Show, the music pumped out is from The Lion King. Choice or otherwise? Hmmm …)

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  1. AlmondEyes

    He does an amazing job of tackling issues without profanity. He is the first South African comedian I’ve known. Quit spectacular


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