Illarripok Loosarrat is Maasai for Guardians of Isarrat.

Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia captures one of the remaining highly cultured people in the Kenya, the Maasai in a style that has not been captured before. Isarrat is the place he found one homestead situated near Amboseli National Park. Within a Manyatta which houses Moran (warriors), he was lucky to be allowed to photograph a few of the young men after carrying gifts and extensive negotiations that went on for close to three hours. Let not their looks deceive you, they are indeed warriors capable of surviving days in the wild hunting and killing lions.



This was the second series from Isarrat and focuses on the mothers and home caretakers of the Morans when they are out in the wild. They wear highly ornamented fabric and jewellery as part of their on going tradition even in the midst and influence of the modern world. They are highly cultured and as before we had to negotiate close to three hours (while serving us tea) to get permission to photograph. Good thing we had a guide which made it much easier!


More of Osborne’s work can be found at:

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