Art ~  “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination … producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power” – Oxford Dictionary.

Over the past few weeks, Afritorial has been exclusively featuring the artistry of Gazele, a Nigerian-Australian singer/songwriter, in a very personal project named the ‘Gazele Play Project’.

Recently a resident of Sydney, Australia and now living in the UK, Gazele is one vibrant and soulful woman, whom I’ve had the privilege of meeting and sharing deep conversations about everything African, musical and creative. I’m astounded at Gazele’s raw emotion and verve for life, beautifully captured in her music, and what better way way to express her hopes and dreams especially in 2016 than in a new artistic endeavour.

The project, a 5 part video series that brings to life her latest musical creations, tells her story and showcases her talent in a most poignant style – using music and lyrical words as an expression of her soul.

“I’ve had the privilege to connect with so many people on beautiful journeys through the gift of music,’ she says. “Recently, I relocated to the UK from Australia and just before I left Sydney I got together with a great team of supportive and talented musicians for this final acoustic project, #GazelePlayProject.  A collection of new original music and covers, it meant a lot to me to create these acoustic videos with people who are dear to me at Sydney’s Play Bar.”

We are excited and honoured to debut the final part of the ‘Gazele Play Project’ to the world right here. Enjoy.

Part 5


‘Ricochet’ is all about empowerment! I don’t have to become what other people think I should become. I don’t have to give up just because I’ve failed before or made mistakes (many mistakes). I don’t have to live up to the name other people give me just because yesterday you knew me as “weak”,”failure”, “no hope” or “writeoff”. Nope!

If your bullets are filled with negativity, hate and disrespect and they are aimed at me, I can no longer absorb any of that into my system, I’ve already moved on.

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