RP939cm14.tifThe Guardian UK just posted an article on what happens when circumcision in Africa goes wrong. Quite confrontational especially when you click through to a website showing images of what botched attempts look like.

Graphic images show severely disfigured, infected or amputated genitals on the website, ulwaluko.co.za, named after the Xhosa language word for initiation into manhood. Visitors are told: “Please be warned that this website contains graphic medical images of penile disfigurement under ‘complications’ and ‘photos’. You may only enter this website if you are 13 years of age or older.”

The website’s creator, Dr Dingeman Rijken said he had set up a website to reveal the “dark secrets of the ritual” because traditional leaders had shown “shocking” indifference and incompetence to the annual toll of death and injury” (from unsactioned traditional circumcisers).

South African leaders have condemned Rijken for breaking a cultural taboo and reported his site to South Africa’s Film and Publication Board, demanding it be shut down.

On one hand, circumcision is a common practice in many countries, on the other hand it’s seen as barbaric by some.

Should we be leaving cultural practices like circumcision behind or should we find safe ways of practicing it, with the solid aim of educating our boys to grow into responsible men? Are there other ways we could teach boys to become men?

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/29/south-africa-doctor-website-botched-male-circumcision-criticised

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  1. Schopenhauer Pauer

    I never understood what trimming of manhood has to do with manhood. I just accepted it as one of those abhorrent, embarassing african practices never referred to in educated company. I won’t front on you like I am a proud african, if I had a choice I would never be born in this sad continent with this infliction of black skin and kinky hair. Not in a million reincarnations, I would rather reincarnate 5000 times in each American state and every European principality first (so like 30×5000 reincarnations in germany). I was circumcised myself, and I eagerly await the internet, urban life and Euro languages/Christianity to DESTROY African cultures, for the simple reason that africans live in the ancestor worshipping past, while westerners look to the ‘think about the children’ future. Circumcision is sad, stupid, barbaric, maybe a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA should be the measure of man in this dark, ignorant continent. What did our ancestors do for us that we honor them in such brutal and counterproductive ways? make us the laughingstock of the world? I can do that FOR My damn self, BY my damn self.


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