Four Kenyan born Maasai sisters have been touching the hearts of many across the continent with their  soulful, operatic pop vocals and although young, they’re a resilient quartet who’ve overcome a terrible crisis, to keep thrilling with their exquisite music.

The Moipei quartet have been taking Africa by storm lately and it’s only when I chanced on them via a friend’s facebook page that I was drawn to their pure talent and their amazing story.

The quartet consists of seventeen year old triplets Mary, Martha, Magdalene and their younger sister, fifteen year old Seraphine. But the sisters are more than a whirlwind success story. They were trained by their father Nicholas ole Moipei to be disciplined musicians who in addition to singing have mastered a variety of classical musical instruments.

2006 was a breakthrough year for the sisters who were crowned the UNICEF child ambassadors to Kenya; this was an unprecedented title in the country. In addition, they have performed for a number of high profile events and dignitaries including President Mwai Kibaki who officially commended them for their contribution to the country’s national development through music.


Even through the medical scare the family received after the youngest sister Seraphine was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the musical family continued to bless Africa with their musical prowess. Seraphine has since undergone surgery and is reportedly doing well, paving the way for their musical career to skyrocket.

For three consecutive years the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has been honoring the most talented musicians in the African gospel scene with a Crown Music Award. The award is described as a royal award to the best of African Music and in 2011 The Moipei Quartet received The Best in Africa Award.

According to the sisters the award was a miracle in the momentum of their music.  They were  very honored to be nominated and humbled to know that people not only from Kenya appreciate their music.

For the four sisters, their talent is taking them to new highs, singing before the world’s most renowned leaders, and at the most venerated concert halls around the world.

Their album “In the Land of The Lion” is available for purchase at the Africa Media Store and is a scintillating mix of multilingual and multi-genre performances.

You can also visit them on Facebook on the Moipei Quartet Page for listings and news on upcoming concerts and events.

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