Could you imagine a mobile music platform for Africa?

The idea is no longer a fantasy – a few enterprising individuals have now re-launched Spinlet – a mobile music service in Africa – as a groundbreaking new Cloud-based service that lets artists upload albums and tracks for sale to millions of music fans throughout the region.

In a digital music market that has been untapped by any of the major music services to date, this unique model allows independent musicians and bands in Africa to produce their own music and sell it alongside other more prominent artists in Africa and from around the world. Spinlet also provides artists with tools to better understand their fan base and interact with them through social media.

Spinlet will use the Mediahedge™ content identification and monitoring platform, a joint service by Civolution and Gracenote, to identify tracks and the origin of the music. The Gracenote and Civolution technology works by analyzing the unique “audio fingerprint” of a song to recognize and match to songs owned by copyright holders. Once a song is identified, Spinlet can use the results to determine if the proper licenses are in place to allow music fans to legally download the song.

“We are thrilled to be working with Spinlet to provide a platform that will help artists and labels thrive in Africa,” said Ty Roberts, Gracenote co-founder and CTO. “By teaming with Spinlet, we are helping Africa grow its independent music community while also providing a legitimate download service for millions of African music fans.”

Eric Idiahi, Spinlet’s CEO says, “Gracenote is the most trusted technology firm when it comes to backing digital music. This is the first such deal of its kind relating to Africa, which reinforces our commitment to fighting piracy while building a sustainable business model. Working with Gracenote and using their functionality provides a platform for us to provide the highest quality product to our users and helps us to more effectively protect the publishing rights of content owners.”

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