One man’s love for Africa has led to a life dedicated to capturing the continent’s intriguing tribes, everyday people, and majestic scenery.

In 2004, a young German man kicked off on a cycling trip around the world.

A few months later he found himself on the last continent on his tour, beginning a two year odyssey that begun in Cape Town, South Africa and ended in Cairo, Egypt. The journey, through Africa’s wandering savannahs, hottest deserts and violent storms, was filled with fascinating encounters with nomads, remote villages and majestic animals.

‘Africa … gives me the feeling of home. I’ll never stop returning and photographing this beautiful continent.’

Mario Gerth is a photographer’s photographer – one who is esteemed by his peers for having the freedom and drive to travel to more than 66 countries across 5 continents in pursuit of his passion.

He’s been a witness of civil war, poverty, dictatorship and violence – but more often he was a guest in a world that is characterised by graceful beauty.

‘I much prefer to visit places and people  whose cultural grandeur and fortitude have imbued them with unique (cultural and social) traits.’

To portray the naturalness of the nomadic people and their lives, Gerth traveled through Africa across hundreds of miles by foot, by boat and jeep, in all four directions, sometimes alone and other times in the company of his friend and partner John Kenny in search of all that is wild and beautiful about Africa.

6 years later, the project ‘Sons and Daughters of the Wind’ is a homage to Africa and the culmination of his passion, depicting a graceful world where natural dignity and elegance is etched on the faces of Africa’s people, from the archaic pride in the eyes of old men and young children, to the god-like harmony in the sweeping valleys of sand dunes and the bitter existence on the edge of the world.

It’s a collection of intimate portraits and vivid photographs of a great continent that breathes a diversity and naturalness that is missing in the (western) uniform and ordered society – as Gerth describes it – ‘made up of restless nomads of modernity, armed with laptops and driven by deadlines and dates’.

His images are a tribute to Africa and the African people. They document, inform them, they question. Gerth’s photography has been shown in international exhibitions and published in numerous magazines to much fanfare.  Time Magazine aptly named him  a world changer.

Gerth’s work is awe inspiring and we’re privileged that he chose to share his photogrpahy with us. Visit Gerth’s site yourself or have alook at his flicker stream …. and  lose yourself in the unbridled vitality of an entire continent.Better still, visit Africa and experience it for yourself!

(NB: Mario Gerth spoke to via email. Thanks Mario – love your work!)

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