She has convictions for assault, a ban from British Airways and called her summons to Charles Taylor’s war crimes tribunal ‘a big inconvenience’. Now the original super is turning mentor for a TV modelling competition. Is there a softer side to Naomi Campbell?

The Guardian’s  chats with Naomi Campbell about her mentors in the business (Yves Saint Laurent, Donatella Versace, and even Nelson Mandela), her perception as a ‘black’ Ice Queen and her new TV show –  The Face, which she also presents and executive produces – where along with Erin O’Connor and Caroline Winburg, she searches  for-a-star TV model.


Morley also explores whether the colour of Campbell skin makes the public more likely to interpret her behaviour as intimidating, as difficult, rather than simply as aloof, or withdrawn. She also discusses the softer side to Naomi and her passion for the projects she believes in.

It certainly makes for interesting reading about a very complex, legendary and sometime controversial woman whose helped to shaped the image of black women in a largely white and highly competitive industry.


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