In a  day and age when African designers are fighting for a chance to be heard on the global stage, and where excellence is far and few between, we heartily embrace designers and thinkers such as Rosemary Dede and  Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe.

About a week ago, I received a very interesting message on the Afritorial facebook page from Rosemary Dede, co-owner of the clothing label Malaika Designs.

She described her label as representing a unique cultural mix combined with modernity. An innovative fashion for all those of us who wish to blend an unusual class with comfortable clothing. We couldn’t help but take a peek at her website ( and we were intrigued, falling in love with Malaika Design’s ethos be unique, everytime, everywhere.

It also helped that their designs were beautifully put together, moder, fresh yet strongly carrying an African aesthetic.


The Malaika Designs story begun with two women coming together to bring their dreams to life. Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe was born in Ghana, West-Africa. As a young girl of 5 , she was inspired watching her aunt produce high-quality fashion in Ghana and thus a lifelong fascination with fashion was born. Since that time she is creating her own unique style in her home base of Germany where she’s lived since 1996.

‘My desire is to give people the opportunity to adorn themselves with my designs and to bring beauty into their lives,’ she says.


Her  business partner and cousin, Rosemary Dede is also of Ghanaian decent who was born in Germany and raised in Belgium who although born in Europe, she has always been drawn to her motherland, especially Ghana. She has also co-founded several non-profit organizations that help young Africans find their way in their adopted country and knew from an early age that whatever career path she would choose, she would find a way to share her love for Africa with the world.

The fashion label from Berlin was founded in 2010 when the two cousins decided to combine their shared creativity and passion at the service of fashion. The label, whose name was inspired by Malaika, Adwoa’s daughter, which means, angel, or good spirit in Swahili, combines the tradition of the continent of origin of the two founders to their lives today.

The result is an expression of the cultural diversity that is a reflection of today’s world. Their African fabrics are chosen carefully and integrated in an innovative way to precise European cuts, and all their clothes are handmade at Malaika Designs in cooperation with, Näh-Werk & Studio ‘, a social and local center in Neukölln where neighborhood women can exercise their handcraft.


Today, Malaika Designs is looking at extending their business and are currently taking part in a competition that will allow them to get their designs, produced, distributed and sold all over Belgium and Luxembourg.

Support Malaika Designs in their quest to be distributed in Europe by help us by clicking on the link below to vote for them:

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We look forward to seeing more of Malaika Designs in the public domain!


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