Kenya’s politicians are definitely living large in comparison to their counterparts globally and their lavish pay packets are causing great consternation in the country, with many citizens protesting to block any attempts by Members of Parliament to counter President Mwai Kibaki’s refusal to approve their bonus amounting to Sh2.1 billion which they had awarded themselves.

Kenya’s MPs, already among the highest paid in the world, awarded themselves a $26.3 million bonus last week (9 October 2012) for when they leave office, to be funded by increased taxes.

The bonus pot, worth more than $117,000 for each MP, is equivalent to the annual income of more than 15,000 Kenyans.

It would take an average Kenyan worker 66 years to earn what each MP will be given.

Hundreds of people have marched through Nairobi since to protest against the politicians’ attempts to increase their take-home pay beyond the $128,000 a year they already earn.


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