Camel milk take your fancy?  High in vitamin C and proteins, low in fat, this not-so-new superfood is becoming trendy, and a 50-minute film is bringing its nutritional benefits to a cinema near you.

What Took You So Long, a Nairobi, Kenya-based film production foundation, recently released ”Hot chocolate for Bedouins’ , a 50-minute film that examines the nutritional benefits of camel milk and how it helps marginalised people in poor countries.

Their camel milk quest took the grassroots production crew on an expedition to find local camel farmers and milk producers who are actively selling, distributing and championing this superfood, while running into camel activists, renowned doctors from international universities, and a local camel milk bar owner, who all profess its great health aspects as well as its growing economic worth.

Filming in Africa was done in Northern Kenya, and while the camel cheese (and milk) project started there, it took  the team to 18 countries in Asia and the Middle East, where camels are the mainstay of local Bedouin and nomad tribes.

This pioneering and compelling documentary exposes camel milk as an extremely valuable and nutritious product, sparking discussion and debate in local communities around the world intrigued by the thought of an alternative and cheap source of protein.

Drinkable for lactose-intolerant people, the drink is also allegedly extremely healthy, boosting peoples’ immune systems to help fight the effects of many diseases like diabetes, anemia, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. With the help of WTYSL, the word is spreading, more advocates are popping up around the world for our humped-back friends, and you might just find camel milk next to the two-percent someday soon.

The team also discovered there is advanced research on the merits of camel milk being conducted in Holland, Sweden and Denmark.

Accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack that reflects the culture of the exotic locations (songs supplied by Kenya’s Just-A-Band), this absorbing documentary raises the status of camel milk, challenges its ‘strange’ misconception, and certainly holds your interest; giving a thirst for some ‘hump-y’ hot chocolate.

Check out the exclusive clip for a taste:



What Took You So Long Foundation is a team dedicated to filming grassroots NGOs, untold stories, & unsung heroes in some of the more remote corners of the globe. They  screen their work & host workshops & lectures all over the world in order to bring these messages to as many influential movers as possible. The team’s mission is to raise questions and awareness about unnoticed issues around the world by telling those stories through documentaries, having already covered thousands of miles in their pursuits.

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