Take 3 mates, add a passion for wine and throw in a camera infront, and let the mix mature over for 12 months and what do you get: ‘Exploring the Vine’, Nat Geo’s Adventure television series’ – a veritable wine fest that spans South Africa.

The series takes you on a winding journey through the Cape winelands, home to winemaking for over 350 years, and less than an hour’s drive from the majestic Table Mountain and Cape Town’s famous beaches.

Over 12 months three best friends – young up and coming winemakers Stuart Botha, Howard Booysen and James Corder were captured on their quest to perfect their wine making skills on their respective farms. The series also captures the trio hitting the road and discovering the people, places and sometimes tall stories that make the South African wine industry truly unique.

Exploring the Vine has been fun to watch – I once lived in Durban and Johannesburg so I have a strong love for this great country … and I found the series a great vehicle to showcase what’s good about South Africa … its rich cultural history, diversity and natural beauty that also boasts a thriving and internationally award-winning wine industry.

While the show turns our attention away from the urgent need amongst South frica’s poor, what it accomplishes is breaking new ground for more television series’ like these, which could become fantastic promotional tools to drive interest in the abundant economic opportunities that Africa has to offer.

From tenderly nurturing the vines through to manic harvest season and eventually drinking liquid gold satisfaction’Exploring the Vine is a rollicking good old time watching these three young mates do what they’re meant to be at that age – working hard and long to make names for themselves in this tough industry; giving their lifeblood and shedding some tears and even more sweat, then playing just as hard too as they reward themselves.



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