snapping citiesIn August 2014, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation launched the “Snapping Cities” photography competition. The contest is looking for a range of entries with a wide range of subject and styles - photographers and members of the public engaging with the ‘African Cities’ topic showcasing interesting and dynamic city challenges through images.

Per the rules, photographic entries must capture a challenge facing your city.

These photographs could be related to areas such as:

  • Housing
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Population growth and movement
  • Transport
  • Informal Settlements

These imagery should capture how these challenges are being addressed i.e.

  • How has your city progressed over the last few years (housing, water and sanitation etc.)?
  • Are there new and interesting solutions (mixed housing development, innovative business solutions, waste treatment solutions, water provision solutions etc.)?
  • Are people finding their own innovative ways to address challenges that are not met by local government?

A selection of the best photographs will be displayed at the 2015 Ibrahim Forum on African Cities in Accra, Ghana where they will be seen by prominent African political and business leaders, representatives from civil society, multilateral and regional institutions as well as Africa’s major international partners.


Winners will be selected for the top three prizes:


 The “Snapping Cities” competition deadline is 10 November 2014. Please enter the competition via:

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