The definition of Afro Goth is a subculture of African and dark skinned men and women that have a passion for goth and/or emo style in dress, music, and personality.  The goth style tends to gravitate towards a darker palette and both clothes and makeup using cimmerian undertones.


They rock an alternative look that is left of center (different to the mainstream) and see themselves as living outside of the box.


While the culture is still very much underground, its slowly rising to the surface They’re a host of blogs dedicated to multicultural dark fashion are bringing greater visibility to afro-goths. On Tumblr, there’s AfroGothicDarque & LovelyDarkSKIN (subtitled “I was so goth, I was born black), and Black Sheep Goths. On Facebook, groups such as Black/African American Goths foster lively discussion.


Many of the images come with empowering and, at times, defensive captions. It seems that even in 2012, some try to claim that the goth scene belongs to white people only. But no longer, especially since many of the aesthetics of goth culture are taken from a diverse cultural heritage (Asian/East Indian/Middle Eastern, African/Egyptian/Haitian-Caribbean, etc).


While Afro Goths may not be your particular cup of tea, it is riveting to see ethnic diversity represented in alternative culture. If anything it is satisfying to finally see a black/African subcultures mirroring the multicultural quality of our world and that the younger generations of subcultures can find and create communities to connect with and support one another.

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