Frank Sinatra’s were legendary, Paul Newman’s melted a million hearts while Cameron Diaz’s dazzle in modern Hollywood.

However, it’s generally believed that black people do not possess blue eyes.  These striking eyes have always been associated with the Caucasians. However there  is a small percentage of African people born with bright cerulean-blue eyes.

Actress Vanessa WIlliams and actor Michael Healey are well known personalities with blue eyes.

Haitian girl with beautiful blue eyes

So why do some few black people have ‘blue eyes’?

One answer, according to scientists, is attributed to genetic mutation or Waardenburg syndrome (WS),which is a rare (1/40,000) disease characterised by sensorineural deafness in association with pigmentary anomalies and defects of neural-crest-derived tissues.

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Blue eye African-American

However, it is also a historical truth the Africans colonised Europe over 10,000 years ago and they were infact the first homo sapiens to cross Europe to Asia and South Pacific. Could it also be that some blacks with blue eyes may have inherited them from  their ancient  African ancestors and whites that inter-bred during Africa`s colonisation of Europe? This question has become more relevant as some few children born of both African/100% black parents possesses ‘blue eyes’.

African boy with blue eyes.

This photo is, perhaps, the best example of a black African, non-mulatto, non-albino, with blue eyes. Also, the boy in the picture does not appear to have Waardenberg Syndrome, also a source of blue eyes in blacks. This leaves the strong possibility of a rare mutation of a key eye color gene.

Sierra Leone  boy with Blue eyes

There are four types of Waardenburg Syndrome, with a mix of possible characteristics as the determinant. The boy in the picture above is displaying two major symptoms of type 1, as does the previous boy (perhaps) (); bright blue eyes and dystopia canthorum, a condition where the inner corners of the eyes are set more widely apart, but with normally distanced eyes.

Waardenburg occurs once in every 42,000 births, and is a deficiency inherited from a single parent, who may or may not display similar characteristics. Regarding the eye, color abnormalities come in three forms; heterochromia (multiple colors), bilateral isohypochromia (pale blue eyes), or fundus (reflective) pigmentary alterations (spottiness).

Laren Galloway (blue eyed black child)

So, besides naturally occurring genetic blue eyes in dark skinned people, as previously discussed, understanding Waardenburg’s is another avenue of accurately recognising phenotype (gene expression) in eye color.

How and why blue eyes arose has always been something of a genetic mystery. Until now.

According to a team of researchers from Copenhagen University, a single mutation which arose as recently as 6-10,000 years ago was responsible for all the blue-eyed people alive on Earth today.

The team, whose research is published in the journal Human Genetics, identified a single mutation in a gene called OCA2, which arose by chance somewhere around the northwest coasts of the Black Sea in one single individual, about 8,000 years ago.

Actor Michael Ealy has sky blue eyes.

The gene does not “make” blue in the iris; rather, it turns off the mechanism which produces brown melanin pigment. “Originally, we all had brown eyes,” says Dr Hans Eiberg, who led the team.

And most people still do. The finding that a rare mutation, probably dispersed in the rapid wave of colonisation that followed the end of the last ice age, highlights one of the great mysteries of human evolution: the oddness of Europeans.

Those from Europe and the Near-East have many characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the human race.

Zimbawean boy with blue eyes

Not only are Europeans far more likely to have blue eyes (95 per cent in some Scandinavian countries), they also have a far greater range of skin tones and hair colour than any other ethnic grouping.It is only in Europe that you will find large numbers of blondes and redheads, brunettes, pale skins and olive skins, blue-eyed and green-eyed people living together in the same communities. Across the rest of the world people are almost uniformly dark-haired and dark-eyed.

Why this should be remains unknown, and in particular how such mutations can have arisen so quickly since Europe was colonised by Africans just a few tens of thousands of years ago.

One theory is that Europe’s cold weather and dark skies played a part. Fair skin is better at making Vitamin D from the 8 per cent of the world’s population have blue eyes weak sunlight found in northern latitudes.

Another suggestion is that the strange skin, eye and hair colours seen in Europe are down to ancient interbreeding with the Neanderthals, who died out about 25,000 years ago.

Maybe the Neanderthals were blonde or red-haired and it is their genes which we have inherited. The trouble with this theory is that there is no evidence, from the scraps of Neanderthal DNA that have been recovered from bones, that there was any substantial interbreeding between them and Homo sapiens at all.

Perhaps the most plausible theory is that blonde hair and blue eyes arose because of a mechanism called sex selection.

This is where males and females choose as their mates those who have one unusual physical characteristic, not necessarily associated with “fitness” per se but simply something unusual.

The gigantic (and otherwise useless) tail of the peacock is the best example.

Sex selection comes to the fore when there is a lot of competition for mates of one sex or the other. The theory is that in Europe, where men had to spend weeks at a time out on the hunt, males were in very short supply.

In such societies, women who had flaxen locks stood a better chance of standing out and attracting the attention of the few men that would have been available for mating.

Even back then, the blue-eyed blonde was not only in demand, but also definitely would have had more fun.

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  1. Mollie Brown

    Europe was not exactly colonized by Africans. Africans, especially the Khoisan of South Africa are our oldest human tribe of people, and contain the most diversity of all of us. Humans left Africa several times, once over a 100,000 (not 10,000) years ago. They lived in caves in Israel. It is believed (but some say they continued) this first group of immigrants died out or returned to Africa. Then about 60,000 to 70,000 years ago another immigration began, with some groups moving out of Africa to the North and East, going to India, China, Australia eventually. They have their own particular genes that identifies that group. Another group went North and West to Africa, arriving in parts of Europe perhaps 40,000 to 50,000 years ago.

    All humans come from African lineages, perhaps L1, L2 and L3. As they moved out, mutations, probably climate related, began to occur, creating other lineages, the M and N groups. Many Northern Hemisphere cold weather people have lighter skin, it allows them to absorb Vitamin D better. Closer to the equator, skin is darker, to protect from the sun.

    Whether the blue eyes of some Northern Hemisphere people from cold climates have any evolutionary value is just guessed at now. It may just be a mutation, and may disappear. As our human lineages move away from Africa, we become less genetically diverse. Africans are more genetically diverse than those outside Africa, due to the long period of time living there. What we would recognize as modern humans originated in Africa and the oldest ones found so far are around 200,000 years ago. People in Europe have some Neanderthal DNA. Africans have none. People of Australia have both Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. The Denisovans are a new group no one even had heard of until 5 years ago! Red hair and light skin and eyes may also be a Neanderthal inheritance.

    Humans are all children of Africa; our cousins, the Neanderthals, did not come directly from Africa, and may have evolved separately perhaps for cold weather areas.

    • Keon

      Mollie brown your facts are interesting but scientifically incorrect. How can a person with fair skin absorb melanin better then a darkskin people when darkskin people are in conjunction with the sun as opposed to have protection from the sun. It’s evident that fair skin people are vitamin D deficient and can develop several skin deseases and have adverse reactions when exposed to the sun to long. Frankly, the sun gives people whith a high melanin concentration a negative charge,thus that’s why their skin and allows them to absorb and synthesize vitamin D. Furthermore, contrary to your article fair skin people/ races are more botamin D defecient and do not react well to the sun ultra violet exrays.

      • GeertWilders4President

        Whites suck with melanine. They absorb better the light to produce an equal amount of vitamin D while living in the north (and in the south) where sun ray are oblique or even horizontal.
        African people need the sun of Africa for vitamin D, because their skin is a screen to avoid sunburn. And melanoma.

      • Warren Rose

        I think you misread some of the article. Mollie did not say that light skin people absorb melanin better. She said they absorb vitamin D better because they are in a climate that has less sunlight, and they need to absorb as much vitamin D from the sun as they can. However, other scientists say that this may not be the reason for the lighter skin, as dark skin people were in Europe for a long time before their skin became lighter. And they are related to Northern Europeans. These scientists believe that it may actually be because of the change in diet which caused them to get less vitamin D from their new diet, and therefore their skin became lighter so that they could get more vitamin D from the sun. However, it is believed by scientists that Europe, Asia and the Middle East were colonized by Africans (modern humans). And maybe in these places, they occasionally interbred with the Neanderthals. But they are not all certain about that yet.

      • Me

        Humans mixed with Neanderthals and what we see today in africa is the result

      • zaiah

        Lets also put it out there, the term fair skinned is outdated and only a reminder of euro-ethnocentric white supremistic thinking. The term it self is highly subjective and has no place in scientific research articles as it isn’t truly descriptive beyond the fact it was created by whites to spread the lie that white skin is “better”

      • Maureen

        White people burn easily and are very sun sensitive. This means the sun and all its properties like Vitamin D easily penetrate Caucasian skin: Lots of Vitamin D in white people who live where they need it – in the way way north.

      • J. Beauvais

        Wow, you misread Mollie’s comment badly.

        Anyway, why does the writer here only make mention of men noticing blonde women? Why wouldn’t women notice blond men just as much? Women had a hand in choosing who they procreated with; they were able to select just like most female animals are. Stop acting like women are just some prize to be hunted with no agency or desires of their own.

      • Jay

        Me, your facts are silly. Neanderthals have never lived in Africa. They lived in Europe and Asia.

      • Elsa May

        Since i’m brown and swedish let me spill the facts for you. As we live in the northern part om the world where the sun is out and strong only during summer for the most part, everyone get a D-vitamin deficiency. The light skin lets you absorb the sun better (since light skinned people are more made for this climate, and darked skinned actually do repell the sun since in winter the sun is so weak so it can’t get trough the skin. So darked people are even more likely to get depressions. The lack of sun is also the reason for the flue at wintertime. It is also a something that keeps dark people safer in the sun and lets white people get burned. If you are light skinned we say that 15 min in the sun everyday is neccesary in winter and for a dark person it requiers 45 min for the same amount of D-vitamins to be absorbed. And the other way around in summer to avoid sun burn for white people.

      • Katie

        Keon I mean no disrespect when I type this you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Really did you really write “Mollie brown your facts are interesting but scientifically incorrect. How can a person with fair skin absorb melanin better then a darkskin people when darkskin people are in conjunction with the sun as opposed to have protection from the sun.”? One does not absorb melanin. Melanin is something that the human body produces to protect itself from the harmful rays of the syn. It is what causes the pigmentation of your skin.

        How much melanin your body has is decided by genetics. Just like your hair or eye color. Actually the sun gives off vitamin D naturally. The human body absorbs vitamin D from the sun through the eyes and through the skin. The lighter the skin and eyes the more vitamin D can be absorbed. The darker the eyes the less Vitamin D is adsorbed.

        There have been studies done where scientists have people of fair skin move and live in sunny places and those fair skinned people had their skin darken as a result. During other studies scientists have had dark skinned people move to dark areas where there is less sun light and their skin would lighten up because they no longer needed a darker pigmentation to protect themselves from the sun as most of the time it would be covered by clouds

        . Obviously the changes in skin tone were only slight. But humans like all life on Earth evolve and adapt daily in small and invisible ways. For example red heads who have some of the fairest skin that I have ever seen actually produce their own vitamin D because their countries have so little sunlight. And I really don’t know how to reply to the rest of your post.

    • Daniel

      They arent the most genetically diverse. I would expect diversity to be greatest in countries like turkey, italy, Egypt, where there have been lots of conquest and intermixing of different people.

    • AnnunakiZ

      The answer is simple…Few know, think about it the 2 countries racing to space. Russia & America (same race) and you have your answer

    • Nathan McWilson

      Your science seems to be outdated, check the new finding out of the Gerome project in Australia.. stating the Euro type (white people) is only 7 to 8 thousand years old. There finding is the African did not mutate through environmental causes…

    • Don Searle

      Maybe the Nephilim referenced in the Old Testament were actually Neanderthals… both seemed to have possessed a very robust physique. Is it possible that Neanderthals had blue eyes?

    • :-)

      “.. Many Northern Hemisphere cold weather people have lighter skin” All those theory are WRONG !! Explain why the Inuit are dark skin :-) ?

    • Elsa May

      At least 6 of the first pictures featuring kids with intence blue eyes (which is not the average colour of bue eyes) are Melaniseian people in the Solomon Islands, its a mutation. They also have blond hair. Google pictures for “Blonde hair blue eyes melanesians”
      Please look up facts instead of arguing with your own oponion.
      Here is also an article on why they look this way. The rest are obviously mixed somewhere down the line like it or not.

    • Just saying

      I believe that to be true. I am what they call fair skin black American. I sun burn everything I’m outside in the sun to long and it has been that way since I was a child. But also to note you location has a lot to do with the amount of melanin your body absorbs and produces. My husband came from jamaica and when he arrived he was so dark he was almost blue. In the time he has been in the US his skin has lightened considerably even though he still works outside.

  2. KJ

    I am black and i have blue eye and 1 grey eye so people call me albino i hate that

    • Afritorial

      KJ, Sorry to hear people have stigmatised you. Be proud and walk tall as you are – you are wonderful just as you are!!

    • jon

      Kj don’t let any one take away your uniqueness. You are special. You are one in a million my friend.

      • Asd

        So is being born with cancer, but you don’t see anyone being proud of it.

    • Rob

      KJ, I was just about to comment about how insanely awesome these pictures are. Brown eyes are beautiful as well of course, but having blue eyes with dark skin is such a striking feature! Be proud to be different, and ignore anyone that fails to see the beauty in being different.

      • Chanel

        Your comment is bigoted and contributes to the oppression of brown eyed people who feel ugly because they don’t have what you and other posters consider “striking”.

        Let’s face it, I’m sick of hearing how beautiful people of color are with light eyes and have heard it all my life. It’s to the point where I plan on getting cosmetic surgery to change them so I can be considered striking and unique too.

        You and many others don’t realize how damaging your comments are to people and are basically stating brown eyes aren’t as attractive as light eyes.

      • BrownEyedGirl

        Saying that dark skin/light eyes are a striking combination is not “bigoted”, and “the oppression of brown-eyed people”?! Haha, right. People are often discriminated against or prejudged by the color of their skin but people are not “oppressed” for having brown-eyes on planet Earth. What planet are you from, Chanel?

      • Daniel

        Yes indeed. We should all be proud of,
        and fully embrace, who we are, and reject being reduced to the platitudes of others ignorance

    • MJ

      That is so unique and awesome, I guess we’re never going to be satisfied. I’ve always wanted colored eyes. My grandfather had blue eyes & only 2 people in all our family turned out with hazel eyes, not blue. Own it!

    • Oboatiba

      If you have a blue eyes like that you are not pure African nor are you even black, you are mixed somewhere!!

    • Elsa May

      People who say so in general are not smart or don’t tend to look up facts so dont take it personal.

  3. Latifah

    This is a good article, so I hate to critique it. I disagree that Europeans are the most physically diverse group on the planet. “… [Europeans] also have a far greater range of skin tones and hair colour than any other ethnic grouping. It is only in Europe that you will find large numbers of blondes and redheads, brunettes, pale skins and olive skins, blue-eyed and green-eyed people living together in the same communities. Across the rest of the world people are almost uniformly dark-haired and dark-eyed.”

    You find pale complexions (“fair”/ albino, olive, etc) all over the world as well as different hair colors and eye colors. Grouping people of color as “dark haired and dark-eyed” purports that dark= a single shade and ignores the fact that there are FAR more variations in bronze skin tones than there are in ivory and beige skin tones. The most diverse people on the planet are people of color. Not whites.

    • GeertWilders4President

      I believe one day blacks and asian will share the same characteristic (except white skin :P).
      Is just the way man evolved while staying in Europe. Nor to forget that the white race is the most recent of the three, so hair/eye colour isn’t greatly diffused among other races. We are newbies among the human species.

    • Maureen

      It’s just math, right? I had never thought about it but it’s obviously true. Just as there are many shades of dark skin there are many shades of light skin so that cancels out. Brown and black eyes and hair also exist in Europe so that also cancels out. The light skinned people of Northern Europe add all additional combinations of eye color and hair color summing up to more combinations than anywhere else on earth. That’s diversity. And yet these are the people who are supposedly intolerant of diversity. I have always assumed it’s true but I wonder if is…

    • Be4Real

      Those people one calls “white” are descended from those who are considered “people of color” and are of the same human race / species. As an ETHNICITY, we are all diverse but stem from the same roots if you research each groups arc in time.

    • Tammy

      So true. All you have to do is go to a American Black family’s family reunion. The diversity is huge. There are relatives there who appear to be caucasian and those with stunning blue black skin with every combination of eye color, skin color and hair color AND we are all related. Those of African descent have the most diversity. Check out the people of Brazil.

    • Nothing but the truth!

      Spoken like a jealous black person! Hate to break it to you all but in the color spectrum white represents the abundance of color while black is the absence of color!!! We are all shades of white, get over it for the love of God!!!

  4. Jenn Woodard

    I am a dark skinned African American woman and I have grey light bluish eyes that change colors depending on my mood. I also have a sister with hazel eyes and my grandmother and father had grey eyes. I found your article very interesting and I have always wondered why and how I was born with eyes such an unusual color for someone as dark as myself.

  5. Raine

    I suggest that we all study the origin of man and travel wouldn’t be a bad idea! Science and religion agrees that we are one human race. The human genome project which focuses on mitochrondrial DNA (female line) suggests that ALL humanity stems from Africa and the changes and chances of hair, eye, skin color etc., are all conditions of climate change, environmentals, etc. So how can Europeans be more physically superior or these explanations given suggesting some strange mutation of people of color with eyes which are not brown? I suggest that the DNA that Europeans have, are from their African ancestry and it became apparent due to conditions in which they lived AND needed to survive. Think about it!

    • SpeakTruthToPower

      RAINE…you are on point! This article uses pseudoscience to create the illogical idea that colored eyes in melanated people of color are some sort of mutation. When in fact Africans are the original people and hold the DNA code of every race of people on the planet. The occurrences of blue, green, grey, hazel or brown eyes in people of color are not mutations but rather I suggest a natural occurrence of features that have been coded in their DNA since the beginning of mankind.

      • DesertDavey

        Colored eyes in ALL people represent a mutation. Why do you have such a hard time understanding this? I know that some people just aren’t happy unless they are complaining about some kind of phantom victimization . . . but the truth is that there is NOTHING in this article which puts down people of color.

        But science has PROVEN, through DNA, that blue eyes originated as a genetic mutation. All homo sapiens come from brown-eyed ancestors, if you go far back enough.

      • Gregory

        How is it illogical, for lack of pigment in the retina to be a mutation?

      • Brett

        Aw. I am sorry. No one said anywhere that light features are superior. That is your own projection. You must be sad.

    • DesertDavey

      Raine asks: “So how can Europeans be more physically superior ”

      They are not. Where did you pick up that one? Nothing in the article suggests “superiority” or anything like it!

      • Blue

        This entire article was written from a perspective of someone that believes Europeans are physically superior and have passed on some phenomenal-type trait to a less valuable race of people, people that they’re race actually came from . That’s why it’s racist, and suggests a false since of superiority . The article is appallingly incorrect because the truth is in the Bible . The son of God, Yeshua or Jesus Christ was a person of color with hair “like wool” . I just threw that one in there because the picture of Jesus (Cesare Borgia) we see is also a common misconception created due to Europeans feelings of superiority . This isn’t meant to suggest that blacks are superior because God declared we are all equal and should love one another . People should just learn the facts before making false, biased claims . ;)

    • GeertWilders4President

      Nobody is superior or inferior.

      ” I suggest that the DNA that Europeans have, are from their African ancestry and it became apparent due to conditions in which they lived AND needed to survive. Think about it!”

      Indeed. I’m a northern italian and I’m very sensitive to the sun. I sunburn easily and I get a nice tan with the sun of 6 PM (In short, I almost tan in the night), so…

      • Jessica

        I agree. Science says that the neanderthal gene contributes to the skin, color and hair found in Asians and Europeans. They carry a large portion on the neanderthal genetic makeup in their genes today (7 to 10 percent) which is amazing considering the gene has been passed down for over 10,000 years and still shows up in you all today. This neanderthal gene allows for adaptation of climate changes in Asians and Europeans too. The inability to adjust to different climates is what allowed the neanderthal to become extinct. So science says this gene enhances the human. But in my opinion the human is what enhanced the neanderthal. Oddly enough a pure African does not possess the neanderthal gene at all, which is why the African (well the scientist call them the modern human) is considered the original human. And if u read their articles it talks about hiw the neanderthal breed with the “modern human” when the “modern human” left Africa. Not when the neanderthal came to Africa. Bc the neanderthal couldnt live in extreme conditions. In my opinion the neanderthal man (bc the male carries the reproductive gene unlike in the human species) mated with a african female (because the women in human species carry the reproductive gene and there is only 5 found in the human male, and those 5 cannot pent rate the woman’s egg) made the Europeans and Asians we have today. And oddly enough the Asian carries the highest percentage of the neanderthal genetic makeup than the European. Bc we all have mixed by now we All have neanderthal in our genes, but it is found in higher percentages in Asians and Europeans and contributes to their hair and skin color. The smallest to none of the neanderthal genetic makeup is found in african people today. Yes we are all uniquely different. And there is nothing wrong with that

    • Golden Pharaoh

      This is the most plausible and makes the most sense. I was thinking that myself.

  6. Mugwort

    I found your writing most interesting. I was most interested in your info on Waardenburg. Some years ago a medical geneticist diagnosed me with WS2. I wonder if Vanessa and Chris Williams are Waardenburg. I don’t want to assume they are. Their blue eyes might be because of European ancestors or some kind of mutation unrelated to Waardenburg. I want to say too just because Europeans may be more diverse in their coloring is absolutely no proof of them being superior to any other ethnic groups.

    • Maureen

      Yes. The diversity is not superiority. It’s simply diversity. But it’s interesting and introduces a new sociological paradigm.

    • Nothing but the truth!

      You’re part of the problem! No one said that Europeans are superior to all other races…you’re just starting problems where they don’t exist!

  7. D. Andrew White

    In southern India I have seen a few pal-brown to bluish eyed people. As for blue eyed Persians, Pakistani & Afghans – they are actually quite common. The stereotypic “missionary kid” explanation is silly. There has been plenty of gene mixing over the millennia. Often it is as simple as a line of ancestors marrying someone from the next village. Genes spread & recessive alleles recombine. No bigger mystery than a Dutchman with curly hair, or an Ethiopian with straight hair.

    • DesertDavey

      Actually, neither of those things are mysterious.

      Genetic scientists all know that diversity WITHIN any particular population is always greater than the diversity between different races. This is the reason why racism is so incredibly anti-intellectual and idiotic! If you get right down to it, there is no such thing as “race”. There are merely populations which share certain characteristics in the aggregate.

    • Oboatiba

      Africans of pure African descent have curly hair and brown eyes, no question about it. Africa is the only continent that has PURE genes, because it was the origin of mankind. All the other people on the earth were mixed and this gives strength to Africans.

  8. Mwilliams

    Vanessa Williams is “black” isn’t mulatto a better thou politically charged term? oR is “black” a social/political decleration rather than a so called scientific definition … if we are into social political then it’s a free for all

    • DesertDavey

      It all comes back to that insane 19th and 20th century American brain-fart, where anybody with at least 1/16th “black” blood was considered black. It’s all nonsense, but, well, there are enough stupid people in the world that even rank BS like “race” seems to live on despite scientific proof that there is no such thing.

      • David Morris

        Actually race does exist. Europeans have neanderthal DNA, something Africans do not have. The problem is people don’t think of it in terms of seperate race, but seperate species. (Side note:… I’m against the idea of subspecies. Let’s take tigers for example. Siberia and Bengal tigers considered subspecies. I think the while idea of that is a joke. They would be different races of tigers) The second problem is this belief in racial hierarchy. No race is better than any other race. We are all human.

  9. Rene

    There’s no way we can understand the secrets of God unless we come to him and search his word. Otherwise anything we say is pure conjecture based upon the invisible forces that have conditioned our thinking.

    • DesertDavey

      . . . assuming there is such a thing as “God”, which is highly unlikely.

      I think you’d be far better off using SCIENCE and LOGIC and REASON to reach conclusions about the world, rather than a four thousand year-old book of bronze-age creation myths.

  10. Nakia

    Why is it that when a black person has something thats rare for blacks but not others its considered a mutation or disease a black person can have any traits a white person can have. Skin tone doesnt matter when it comes to the eye to get your eye color your DNA either turn on or off that gene. Skin color has nothing to do with it I’m a 14 black, italian, native american mix and even I know that skin doesnt matter. How ignorant is our society if we are thinking blacks have some type of disease just because they have blue or hazel eyes?

    • Steve

      If you read the article correctly you would have grasped that ALL blue eyes are a mutation. Regardless of ethnicity. smh….

      • Steve

        I retract my previous statement. I was reading another article before this one where it mentioned that it is a genetic mutation in all people with blue eyes. Seriously though, you’re taking the word mutation negatively when it’s just a simple term to describe a genetic irregularity.

    • DesertDavey

      I suggest you read the article again. It doesn’t say what you seem to think it says.

    • Ainsworth

      I am black. Why do we want so much to prove that we can be like whites? Do we need that for validation? Isn’t the typical black, African, negro, just great ,beautiful and well made the way she/he is?
      Blacks have been brain washed. This sickens me.

      • Mishelle

        well said. but I will broaden it to say we are all born beautiful regardless of skin or eye colour. The most important feature is who we are – not what we look like.

      • steve

        We are all born beautiful. I am white European decent but it doesn’t matter …its what is on the inside that makes the person …you can have blue eyes and be black or green eyes and be Asian or brown eyes and be white …if your not beautiful inside not matter what race, color or eyes hair or skin will be ugly …no one!!!…White Black Asian Indian no one.. is superior than the other …because life is short and we all die and none of this would matter

  11. Lindsay

    The mutation argument doesn’t really work if they’re from the Caribbean or African American because they are decent chances of having a white ancestor not far off.

    • Gregory

      Its a still a mutation regardless of where the people come from. If you have dark brown eyes and remove the pigment, it would be blue. People with eyes like the ones above dont have melanin in their retina.

  12. Sue

    I find it strange that most of the photos in this article has been very obviously and poorly photoshopped to create blue eyes. It’s especially strange in the photos of the kids, why was that necessary?

    • Robyn

      Sue, I honestly believe some of them are real. I was on YouTube today and was watching a video of a black girl with blue eyes. They FOR SURE looked like contacts. I’ll even tell you her name on YouTube. You will think they are contacts too. But when I went on her Instagram page she had pictures from her childhood with her eye color the same vibrant blue. I was shocked. That’s actually why I’m even on this webpage right now! Haha. YouTube name: Cydnee Black
      You will be AMAZED

    • Mamadiop

      You surprised me. Albinos whether they are African, European or Asian have blue eyes. What amazes me on this site is that people are “proud” to have blue eyes. Why would anyone be proud to have an anomaly? Blue eyes = poorer vision and bright sunlight affects these people negatively. It is like light skin. Light skin people are aware of the difficulties of dealing with diseases such as melanoma and it is that disadvantage that created an inferiority complex in them, making them present that as an advantage. In less than 100 years, this ruse will be uncovered. People will be less likely to be discriminated against based on color, Africa will be a developed continent the superficial advantages of light skin will be gone and all that will be left is survival of humans regardless of skin color. When this happens assuming Europeans and Americans don’t have the military might they once had and the rest of the world has caught on in development it will become very clear who is really superior! It’s just a matter of time folks.

  13. senait

    I am of east african descent and my mother hs one blue eye and one brown eye… my grandmother had one blue eye and one green eye. I have blue-greenish eyes that I have been uncofortable with for most of my life because of the stares and people asking me if their real… I enjoyed the articles and its nice seeing people like me….

    • vicky

      You are wonderfully made.the next time someone ask if your eyes are real just ask them if thiers is real

    • Goldie

      You are truly beautiful and should be proud to have such unique eye colour! Why are you uncomfortable with what youve been born with?You should be so proud, I would be.. I am mixed race, my Mom has blue eyes and my Dad has brown eyes and unfortunately I got the boring brown eyes.. So count yourself lucky to have beautiful coloured eyes that make you stand out and unique!!

      • Y.alta

        Oh pawease. I am mixed race too but I am happy to have Soft brown eyes. Wouldn’t trade them for Green or Blue eyes at all.
        You sound really pathetic.

  14. ladyzeta6

    I’ve never felt weird about having green eyes. They were blue at birth until I was maybe 3-4yrs old. Both of my brothers have them, and one of my brothers has blond hair. I think it just makes us a bit different. We have coloring more like Chris Williams, above, so I don’t think we look odd. In our case, we have some German blood, but we are predominately black.

    • Chanel

      You don’t feel weird because you have a desirable trait. If you had brown eyes and weren’t made to feel special or unique because of your eyes, you’d feel differently.

      Please, having brown eyes is the equivalent of a curse. You’re one of the chosen minorities who is seen as gorgeous for your light eyes and gets tons of attention.

      • jumpdogbark

        Now that is some bs. I’ve got brown eyes that are beautiful. Please don’t put your self hate on everyone.

      • Jahson

        Chanel, you have a different kind of self image you need to first deal with. Then, and only then can you see your real self that those unique brown eyes of yours are not the only beautiful trait you have. You have a serious self-image issue, deal with that first, my friend and realize your beauty. My mom told me everyday growing up, how handsome and smart I was. Today I walk shoulders high and love myself, and I appreciate my beautiful brown eyes. You did not get that growing up, I can tell. Fix your inside and your outside will be beautiful to you!
        Follow this link of the top ten most beautiful African women and tell me how many has anything but brown eyes:

      • Georgisse

        Get real girl. You’d have to Be Crazy to Find someone beautiful Just by the colour of their Hair and eyes. Most people with Green or Blue eyes are NOT good looking, at all. I live in a European Country with a relatively high percentage of light eyed People. I cannot say that I am impressed by the light eye colours Here.
        Light eyes CAN be vibrant and beautiful, but are not by default prettier than Brown eyes.
        In fact, I find People with darker eyes More attractive in General. I would say Arab women, Latin women and Mixed race women are truly the most naturally beautiful women overall.

  15. ladyzeta6

    Also, the female above with her hands on her head looks to be wearing contacts. Unless it’s just the lighting. I can always tell.

    • Chanel

      Her eyes are real. No, you can’t always tell. I’ve met and known people with real colored eyes that look like contacts and those who wear contacts that don’t.

      The real question is, why are you invading people’s personal space and accusing them of wearing contacts? It’s none of your business and makes you look like a person looking for a reason to hate.

  16. Cpu

    Some people chose to specifically marry and have children with blonde haired blue eyed people, feeling if this is done often enough, the traits of their own race will be less prominent over time. Is this a mental disorder, eugenics, or inward racism. I hope this does not sound mean, just a thought. By the way, black people with afrocentric features are beautiful too.

  17. JoeSchmoe

    Okay you evolutionist get your say, and now I who believe in a creator will have mine.
    Gen 1:26 Then God said, “Let ***us*** make man in ***our*** image, after ***our*** likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

  18. David J. Leal

    Did the study look into which colour eyes provided the best eye sight?

  19. Common sense

    There are also black people with green eyes and black people with straight blond hair. God wanted diversity amongst his creation.

  20. Sam


    Most likely both.

    The question itself seems to create a distinction between “nature” and “mutation,” which isn’t usually accurate. Mutations almost always occur via natural forces – The exceptions being human-induced mutations for scientific and medical research, as well as man-made accidental mutations of horrific consequences (think radiation-related birth defects and the lasting consequences of Agent Orange).

    Evolution is an interesting thing – It starts out looking like a random game of chance, where mutations easily kill off any organism that inherits them. But suppose just one or two of thousands of possible mutations ends up being beneficial to the organism – It’s more likely then to reproduce than the organisms without it. Eventually, the organisms without the mutations that allow better adaptation die off. The better-adapted organisms continue reproducing, encountering more mutations which could be harmful or helpful. Eventually, the organism becomes much more narrowly adapted to a certain environment due to generations of helpful mutations. What starts out as a game of chance becomes very specific and refined.

    There is very convincing evidence that blue eyes, in humans as a whole, is a later-generation mutation that did not occur in early humans. As blue eyes are most prevalent in people of Europe and some parts of the Middle East, it’s reasonable to suggest that something about the environments of these regions makes blue eyes a more useful trait than in places such as the Americas, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Also, as blue eyes likely appeared after early migration patterns had already happened, it is possible that fewer people carrying the gene for blue eyes ended up in places other than Europe and parts of the Middle East.

    However, blue eyes are bound to crop up in other locations, just with less frequency. The chances of this are even greater in an increasingly globalized world, where people can visit another continent in just a few hours. Genes for blue eyes, though uncommon in some places, don’t simply disappear – Blue eye color is a recessive trait for all humans, meaning that for a child to have blue eyes, both parents must have the gene for blue eyes (this doesn’t necessarily mean both parents must have blue eyes). People of African descent are much less likely to carry the gene for blue eyes, so while Africans with the gene do exist, in order for an African child to be born with blue eyes both parents must have the gene for blue eyes.

    Brown eyes is actually a dominant trait – If one parent has the gene for brown eyes and the other for blue eyes, the child will have brown eyes. This is why, worldwide, brown is the most prevalent eye color.

    The question of why some Africans have blue eyes, in my opinion, isn’t quite as interesting as the question, “Why do any humans have blue eyes at all?” There may be some unknown advantage to having blue eyes in specific environments, or blue eyes may be a “side effect” of another beneficial mutation.

    • gigi

      i have a circle of blue around my iris. people often think i wear lences. my uncle and a cousin have the same. in SA it is attributed to 10 generations back due mix of races before apartheid separated races. like its said above, it might be genetic mutation!

    • Shaduby

      Sam, you just gave one of the most intelligent, logical responses I have read so far on this sight! – thanks

  21. David

    Everyone is wrong Truth is they were touched by the Night King!

  22. rico

    I once read a story of a researcher who noticed that the subject birds of her study that had brighter colored ID bands got more attention from the opposite sex.

    If in fact blue eyes in darker skinned people is a genetic abnormality, then it would attract attention. Such individuals would be in higher demand and thus spread the trait.

    Africa is not famous for dense populations in the majority of its regions, small tribes, so a great number of blue eyed children is not as possible as the more isolated, concentrated Nordic countries.

    Blue eyes may not be dominate genetically, but they will present themselves in a family eventually and continue to do so.

    It is not an issue of more or less attractive. People simply like shiny things.

  23. Deb2theC

    Michael Ealy’s eyes do after all, appear to NOT be truly blue. I watched an older film of his tonight and they appear in said film “Unconditional” to be brown. Maybe he just wants to stand out. With him being an actor nobody can possibly blame him for that. Not disputing the possibility of a black person being born with blue eyes–not truly very common, but I think it occurs more frequently in Africa because there is an even more diverse ethnicity gene pool there than there is here.. In the US I think it occurs most frequently in people of biracial background. Interesting subject matter though — all the genetic info above I find to be truly interesting. Not a single drop of racial prejudice in me, btw–both of my children are biracial!


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