“The essence of nature from the cradle of mankind” – with a tagline like that, you cannot go wrong. This is exactly the vibe AFYA is aiming for; something authentic, natural, and deeply rooted in its culture.

AFYA is a skincare and cosmetics line representing the continent with products that will actually cater to your unruly hair, rich coloured skin, and other intricacies which make you so unique.


We know you’ve spent enough time trying to decipher which mainstream products will properly take care of your skin and hair, only to discover later that it leaves you feeling dryer and unsatisfied.  Their clean science based products combined with ethically sourced 100% organic and natural botanical formulations are inspired by Africa’s ancient wisdom.


What makes them so unique? A deep understanding of botanics, herbs and natural supplements indigenous to the continent. Not to mention that their product names sound so fabulous and healthy – Maji Mapya Rejuvenating Body Wash, Arusha Flora Nourishing Day Lotion, Pemba Dawn Soothing Body Butter, and Mnemba Waters Revitalising Body Mist to name a few.

We especially love this brand because of their ethical commitments to sustainability, empowerment, and nature.


You can shop for AFYA products online in the meantime, as they are currently working on opening stores close to you.

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  1. Abena

    oh great! thank you. am using a red clay (Zimbabwe) that I just love, especially end of tough day. will test drive this line. thanks.


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