From Maasai Mara to Kruger National Park, Africa simply has the best tourist destinations on the planet. We’ve also got the most amount of emerging and ‘new’ / undiscovered creative talent on the planet  plus some creative genius’ so Afritorial is challenging Africa’s ad agencies and creative houses to throw their best behind the 2012 Trip Advisor contest.

Announced on the 23rd of March, 2012, the competition involves travel brands and advertising agencies to design a creative ad campaign that will run on TripAdvisor, reaching millions of travellers.

The total prize fund is USD $1.5 million, with the winning entry on the TripAdvisor UK site receiving USD $300k in equivalent CPM advertising media value.

The 2012 TripAdvisor Creative Ad Challenge will give entering and the winning agency/body a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent through the highly interactive medium of online ad display and the chance to impact a global audience of travellers, who are looking for inspiration while planning their next trip.

The idea is that when this creative is combined with TripAdvisor’s market leading targeting opportunities it will allows advertisers to communicate with an extremely engaged and relevant audience, maximizing their brand impact and media budgets.

“The 2012 Creative Challenge gives travel brands the freedom to develop an engaging media campaign that tells a story and shows what their brand really stands for, rather than just focusing the on the more traditional ROI price point creative that is so common online. Following the success of our last challenge, this year it’s even bigger and provides multiple opportunities for travel brands to win specific market campaigns, ”  said Martin Verdon-Roe, VP Display Sales EMEAA for TripAdvisor.

“We hope to see some really exciting new entries in 2012 that can take advantage of our new and larger advertising formats. This is a truly unique opportunity for a brand to have a substantial campaign which can reach and impact a huge audience of potential travellers that are looking for inspiration while planning their next holiday or trip,” continued Verdon-Roe.

The prize fund totals $1.5m in media value and has been split to allow multiple market winners or two larger pan-regional winners.

All entries must be submitted by May 31st 2012 – the winning campaigns will run on TripAdvisor between August and October 2012. The campaigns will be judged by a panel of TripAdvisor sales and marketing experts, as well as representatives of CIMTIG.

For more information and to submit entries please email


Emma Shaw / / 0777 926 2423

Laurel Greatrix / / 0777 801 3639

C’MON AFRICA!!! Get busy winning!

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