E-Diplomacy in action? Whatever will they think of next?

The Agence France-Presse (AFP) has released a new e-diplomacy tool that curates and maps tweets from heads of state and government, officials, thinkers, and activists.

The app displays the most-used hashtags, measures an individual’s influence (think Klout), and maps the relationships between these important figures. The e-diplomacy hub is an effective way to show which figures are talking about what issues, and where these public diplomatic dialogues are taking place. The site also has a section that displays the Twitter use of militant groups like the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hamas and Hezbollah in Israel, as well as hacktivist group Anonymous.

The tool is useful for seeing what these influential figures have to say in public, but it does not it does not give a clear picture of these diplomatic relationships — most negotiations and international relations still happen behind closed doors. The e-diplomacy app is currently open to the public, but AFP CEO Emmanuel Hoog said that after several months the tool may be commercialised for professional or media use.

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