Afritorial is a leading online magazine for pop culture, news, literary and cultural commentary across Africa, aimed at its  thinkers, artists and innovators.


Africa is experiencing a quickening in all sectors – from commerce, to culture and politics – an educated middle class, the spread of democracy and globalised trade means Africans are spreading their wings and reaching heights not experienced before.

In particular, the continent is in a steep economic growth phase – over 34% of Africa is now middle class and enjoying unprecedented levels of disposable income. Forbes’ 2011 inaugural list of the 40 Richest People in Africa is a testament to the growing global importance of the continent. Fortunes are being created everywhere from South Africa clear north to Morocco and Egypt in a diverse array of industries, by companies that cater to local tastes or worldwide needs.

At the same time African proud art, music, fashion and entertainment is bubbling all over Sub Sahara as Africans express their joy and creativity, while defending their political rights to live peacefully with our neighbours, in just and lawful societies.

The excitement is palpable and Afritorial was launched to capture this new breath of fresh air and give a platform to the millions speaking up all over this amazing continent and to encourage excellence across Africa.

Afritorial.com is the continent’s modern, new fresh voice – a leading online magazine for pop culture, news, literary and cultural commentary across Africa for our brave leaders, power-brokers, thinkers, artists, photographers, culture makers and entrepreneurs who are making a real and marked difference – now and in the future.

And no, we’re not a TED wannabe.

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About Afrikkana Publishing

Afrikkana’s brand is all about capturing Africa’s rich storytelling tradition and transforming it into an aural and written art form that will continue to last through the generations.

Our team has an extensive background in publishing, PR, advertising and digital marketing. Our journalistic credentials are equally solid and we’ve written for the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC News Australia, various news outlets in Africa and the UK including the Guardian Newspaper.

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